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KOTPAD WCS was established in the year 1956 which is situated in Koraput District of southern Orissa. Kotpad Handloom is a vegetable Dyed Fabric woven by the tribal weavers of Kotapad Cotton Sarees with solid border and Pata Anchal, Scolrfs on Cotton Silk, Duppatta with typical Buties /Motives, Handloom Stoles and dress materials all are dyed with vegetable dyes are manufactured. The natural dye is manufactured out of the Aul Tree grown in this area.

The characteristics of natural dye colouring is derived from the AUL or madder dye (Morinda Citrifolia) extracted from the root of the Indian Madder tree. Since, it is prepared out of natural resources which are non-toxic and hence non-harmful to the skin. Even though it is only a limited colour range, it is eco-friendly and shades developed are very suiting and pleasant. The powerful and vibrant colours ranging from deep maroon to dark brown depend on the age of the root bark and the proportion of the dye used and is obtained with the addition of harikari or sulphate of iron. These colours combined with the natural unbleached off white colour of the yarn produce dramatic results. The fabric developed are very tedious and time consuming process reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the tribal’s of Orissa, the motifs used on the fabric that is crab, fish, conch boat, axes, fan, bow, temple which reflect the cross cultural linkage of the area. These motifs are developed by the extra wefts. Solid border effect of the fabric is brought up on which pig by pig insertion of thread by use of multi shuttle by interlocking method.

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Kotpad Organic Cotton Saree


White striped ganga jamuna border


6.4 meters


800 grams


Motifs – Stripped body, fish




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