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Ponduru is small town in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh .It is also called the Khadi village. This is one of the only places where single spindle charkha is still used for spinning. Khadi Jamdani sarees are woven in jamdani technique. The cotton is cleaned and combed with the Valuga fish jawbone which is the reason behind its fine quality making it soft and silky. Even Mahatma Gandhi himself was spellbound and impressed by the quality of the khadi produced here at Ponduru on his visit and always preferred this variety over others. Women spinners here use two varieties of short staples desi cotton, The white hill cotton for fine , high quality yarn and the red cotton for coarser yarn. These indigenous varieties of cotton require smaller number of inputs for cultivation and are also suitable for hand processing . The local variety is called Punasa cotton.

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Ponduru Khadi Jamdani with silk border


Powder Pink


6.4 meters


400 grams




80 count Cotton with silk border



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Dry Clean

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Seerat Creations Pvt. Ltd.

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