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The unique hand technique of weaving was called jamdani in the old days, while the weave was called Dhakai. The sensitive weavers and artisans of this art form took inspirations for their weave designs from the life around them, from simple things such as a broken comb to things in the nature such as flora and fauna and traditional Bengali designs known as Alpana.

The centuries- old Jamdani (or Dhakai Jamdani) weaving tradition originated in Dhaka, Bangladesh . These are feather – light and sheer sarees, with fine motifs woven all over the body giving it a luxurious and grand finish.

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6.3 meters


Lilac / Light Mauve


Silk with cotton woven motifs 80 Count

Special Instructions

Dry clean Only


400 Grams

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Seerat Creations Pvt Ltd


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